Giving Back

Here at LAKAPOOKI Inc we believe in giving back and are proud to be able to assist and work with a variety of wonderful organizations. LAKAPOOKI Inc donates a percentage of our profits to support the following organizations:

ErinoakKids ( www.erinoakkids.ca) Ontario's largest accredited treatment centre for very special children. They work with children from birth to 18 with a variety of special needs, providing a variety of therapies such as speech, occupational, physical, and behavioural therapy to name just a few. Support is provided not only to the children but their families and caregivers, providing them with opportunities to connect with others.

Windrush Stables (www.windrushstable.com) A therapeutic riding facility that has a wonderful program to help people with disabilities achieve personal growth and accomplishment by offering a program which encourages a special partnership with horses. To watch the bond build between the horse and rider is a beautiful thing that continues to take my breath away.

New to Windrush this year:

Heart to Heart

  • Friendship is a vital part of any person’s life and well being, yet so many children struggle in creating these relationships.
  • The goal of our Heart to Heart program is to help children attain the skills necessary to establish ongoing friendships.
  • Horses have the ability to silently teach acceptable behaviour to their human partners. Through interacting with and watching horses, students are able to learn to read body language, a critical piece in the relationship process.